TechDesign LLC offers custom design solutions by understanding every customers specific needs both in the residentil and commercial markets.

Home Theatre & Media Centers

Movie making technology has reached new heights and so have audio visual entertainment systems. To enjoy the full impact of a movie, one has to experience the feel of being in the middle of the action. You can now enjoy a completely immersive audio visual experience in the comfort of your home.

Having the ability to control and adjust sound format and picture settings to match your tastes can enhance the performance and transform your experience. Whether it is movies, sports, documentaries, gaming or concerts all your preferred form of entertainment, creating the right viewing ambience makes all the difference.

Our promise of service is creating the perfect customized solutions for your complete theatre experience.

Wired & Wireless House Music Solutions

We will set up your house to be engulfed in music for every occasion. All you need is a smartphone to enjoy any kind of music your heart desires with music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. High performance speakers can be placed discreetly at strategic locations or even be totally invisible! This is a luxury that can easily be achieved with our modern technology and customized solutions. We have created Audiophile listening room for many famous music producers in New York City and other parts of the world.

We work with speakers from top of the line brands like Totem Acoustics, Leon Speakers, Orgin Acoustics, Sonance and Amina connected to amplifiers and sources from Audio Control, Crestron, Sonos etc. We can custom design the perfect audio system that seamlessly integrates to complement your interiors and the architectural style of your home. Our design team works with our customers to understand their lifestyles and design a system that best fits their requirement.

Home Automation (Lighting, HVAC & Motorized Window Treatments)

Intuitively simple and reliable smart home technology is our assurance. We strive to deliver the perfectly customized and integrated control system that will reinvent your home, from audio visual entertainment systems to centralized lighting to motorized blinds and HVAC control.

Using state of the art hardware from brands like Crestron and Total Control, we can design and create the most reliable control systems to help you seamlessly operate any automated feature within your home or office. Choices are limitless, ranging from a wall mounted touch screen to a push button keyboard or an app on your smart phone / tablet.

Access Control, Home Security & Cameras

TechDesign understands security and access control are of paramount importance for peace of mind of their clients, but these services must also be discreet and unobtrusive. Security cameras, door entry controls and telephone services are essential components in any modern home. Our accredited and highly trained engineers ensure your home is seamlessly integrated and remotely controllable. Our customized phone applications allow complete and simple remote control of your home at the touch of a button wherever you are.

Wired & Wireless Networking

A fast, secure and reliable network infrastructure is not a luxury but a necessity. We innovate; design, manage and engineer high-speed wired and wireless data and voice networks which can handle all the data transfer, automation control, communications and security requirements of a project.

Our certified and licensed technicians can engineer fully featured and seamless networks on single locations or across multiple remote locations that work as one. We constantly review and refresh the latest security protocols and intuitive understanding of possible external security threats. This helps us provide a very secure a and safe residence and or office.

Home Office & Conference Rooms

Working from home should be an uncompromising experience and our comprehensive and custom solutions ranging from internet security, network connectivity and data back-up can ensure that.

We have successfully implemented solutions in many business environments including but not limited to conference rooms, auditoriums, lobbies, and healthcare facilities. Our solutions include video conferWe have successfully implemented solutions in many business environments that include conference rooms, auditoriums, lobbies, and healthcare facilities. Our solutions include video conferencing, controlled lighting, motorized shades, energy efficient HVAC and audio / visual presentation systems.encing, controlled lighting, motorized shades, energy efficient HVAC and audio / visual presentation systems.

Fiber Infrastructure Solutions & Future Proof Wiring

Tech Design LLC has Licensed, Certified, Insured Fiber Optic and Network Cable Installer’s. We provide fiber optic and networking services specifically suited to your needs to help your business get online. Once installed, we also provide maintenance services for your network infrastructure as needed. Our cable installation services include aerial, underground and between buildings. We can cover any distance from a few hundred feet up to a few miles too.

System Design & Consulting

We offer unmatched expertise and experience in designing and installing the perfect customized and integrated automation systems for our clients. The brands we choose are based on the clients specific requirements. We choose products that are reliable and have long-term support.

Our AV consulting business was began from the demand of previous clients who appreciated our professionalism, continuous customer service and our culture to never over-specify. Another advantage we at TechDesign LLC enjoy is our multi-lingual team naturally suited to international consultancy.

Our belief in uncompromising and uninterrupted service leads us to partner with the best local support in the project location.. We remain completely in charge of the project but ensure a local partner to reduce response time when a service is required. We can find and work closely with a suitable local company on installations outside our local region.

Cyber Security Solutions – Residential & Small Business

Our expertise in providing customized cyber security solutions for our clients comes from years of experience and dedicated service. In the current connected home where everything is connected to the internet, we make sure our clients are safe from any possible cyber threats and ransomware recovery.